• the story begins

    Blakely Brown (AKA Alexandra Blakely), born in Seattle, Washington, to parents of Swedish and Norwegian roots, moved to Mexico in 2005 after a quick first visit to the country. She discovered traditional African rhythms, forming cymatics in the sands of the Caribbean. Baring farewell to a career in film and her immediate family in the states she sprinted back to what would be a magical and unorthodox journey.

    “Hip Hop culture is something I grew up observing closely, almost inevitably. It was everywhere on the TV, on every radio station and it was predominant in my childhood. I feel very grateful for this movement, so powerful, innovating, uplifting and positive in many ways. I feel honored to share the stage with so many gifted musicians and emcees, working together to continue to unite the upcoming generations in harmony, awareness and autonomy.”

  • gaining ground 2005-2010

    Her debut live singing started humbly in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, in 2005. Never in her life planning to be a vocal performer, she began by exploring the sounds of jazz, blues, funk and folk, writing her own songs, while playing simple riffs on the guitar. It wasn’t until arriving to Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, where she recorded her first official project Solburst (2010), testing the waters of pop fusion with a more urban-contemporary sound. Getting recognition in countries like Japan, the UK, Brazil, Spain and Cuba, the album “Natural High,” rewarded Blakely with attention from other recording artists such as Bocafloja, Lengualerta and Kalimba.

    "I am here to break the boundaries of humanity, expand my view of “reality.” I am here to make the darkness conscious and then shine a light deep into it. I am here to learn about love and what it really entails. I want to heal myself, inspire others to heal themselves and collaboratively heal the historical and present-day shadows many of us would rather forget or ignore, even myself included."

  • commercial success 2010-2012

    In 2012, Blakely released her first solo album “Reset” where she fully engaged in her influences of Neo-Soul and Rap. The album “Reset” was played on university radios throughout the USA, landing #13 on the CMJ’s top 200 Hip Hop Chart. “Reset” also won the award for Best Independent Hip Hop Album, 2013, in Latin America.

    "I do not believe in labeling, as I trust this only separates us all. Physically we are all very different, we all come from distant places, cultures and climates – the beauty of this is to share our experience and learn from one another, to find our own truths, evolve our interconnectedness."

  • down new paths 2012-2016

    Currently, Blakely is co-creating in the “lions den” with her latest project Al’kemek -- Hip Hop meets ancestral-sounds meets industrial meets elektrik. The debut album is due early 2016 with a US tour down the West and East Coasts of the US.

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    "I believe we are so much more than we have been taught to believe that we are. In fact “so much more” is an understatement. We hardly know what we are made of, what we are capable of, where we come from and who we really are. My journey this time round is to search for those answers."