A Search for Root Causes of Sexual Violence

My story is as long as I can describe it, as I know each of you who read this could as well describe your many encounters. All the other stories I have heard and seen are intense and different, none the less or worse than another, for I feel suffering is no competition. My point in sharing this with the world is the following:

I have grown up with so many questions around sexual violence. I have spent my time, up until recently, retching the majority of men, even though I have always known that not all men are the same. After several interactions with men all over the world, observing various cultures, reading headlines in the media, listening to the experiences of my brothers and sisters and now having a daughter of my own… I know that part of my life's purpose is to bring this subject out even more so to the open.

My objective is to make a documentary that is without gender and do a profound investigation on sexual violence from a holistic perspective. And to share my thoughts and experiences in this special online space.


If you feel compelled or called to help support this investigation and opening of space to discuss this important yet unadressed subject, your donations would be very welcome.