Rule #1: Love Thyself... Rule #2: There is no rule #2

see what I mean...

Love Thyself

What are we told on airplanes about survival? In case of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others in need. Why? Because if you are dead… you are not much help to anyone else. So it goes with life. Take care of yourself first and foremost. How can you be an enjoyable partner if you do not enjoy yourself? How can you be a loving parent if you do not love and cherish yourself?

If each of us were to focus on ourselves to being the best version of ourselves that we could be. We wouldn’t be busy judging, fighting and speaking about the lives of others. We would be so busy maintaining our bodies healthy, creating, exercising, planting our gardens, educating our children, bartering in our community, practicing forgiveness and unconditional love, making love, helping others and laughing, that there would be no part of the day or night to do anything else.

If we want o be an activist, I believe the most active thing we can do is take a step away from the system, cause it cannot survive without our attention and support. And start ACTING.

When we do what is truly in our best interest, no matter what the situation, it ends of being in the best interest for all involved, even if it might not seem so in the very moment.

This part of my website is dedicated to offer alternative approaches to living in today’s modern world. I offer in home Raw food (and some vegan) “un-cooking” classes, different workshops from overcoming sexual abuse through art expression to women’s networking circles on self-love/healing. I also offer a place to “expand” your perspective on a variety of subjects, anywhere from books, to documentaries to websites and music. I only ask that you explore my personal truth, but follow your own instincts, ask your own questions and ultimately follow your own gut.

It’s been said a million times before, but for better lack of words: “BE the change you want to see.”

“…They made us believe that each one of us is the half of an orange, and that life only makes sense when u find that other half. They did not tell us that we were born as whole, and that no-one in our lives deserve to carry on his back such responsibility of completing what is missing on us…” –John Lennon

Thank you for visiting this place that to me is a form of my cyberspace altar.